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We are a rapidly growing consulting company founded by Dr. Galen Buckwalter, a research psychologist for over 25 years and former Chief Science Officer at eHarmony.

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We always work with our clients to build customized solutions but our engagements have generally fallen under the following 3 categories.

The typical contract is priced from $100K onwards and spans 3 to 12 months.


Our team of PhD psychometric experts write assessments tailored specifically to your business. Through iterative testing we explore the collective psychological space of your users, identifying the most significant factors. We then use a proprietary causal model analytic platform to understand how these psychological factors are related to behaviors you care most about, allowing you to engage with your users in a uniquely personal way.

Deliverables: Psychometric questions, survey delivery platform, psychometric dashboards

Deep learning

psyML owns cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and image analysis models that are capable of extracting personality, emotions and even beliefs from text and images. Our models have competed in international academic competitions, such as SemEval, and are proven to be top performing. Using techniques such as transfer learning, we can leverage our existing models to fit your custom use cases, even with limited training data.

Deliverables: Models deployed as API for custom integrations, web applications

Data science

We help you better understand your customers via a two-pronged approach: segmentation and feature augmentation. For segmentation, we perform cluster analyses to uncover interesting user groups and deploy dashboards to help you analyse new custom segments easily. For feature augmentation, we model customer behavior, such as lifetime value and churn, and append psychometric data to help you uncover deep insights.

Deliverables: Hosted live dashboards, interactive reports, customer behavioral models

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Here is a list of projects showcasing our technological capabilities.

Intelligent Chatbot Backend

Our advanced NLP system can parse a user's beliefs around different topics, enabling truly intelligent machine understanding. Our models are extensible to new topics without large amounts of data.

Language Based Psychometric Profiling

From public tweets and social expressions, our scientifically tested models can build psychometric profiles rapidly to provide insights into a user's personality, emotions and interests.

Psychometric Based
Ad Targeting

At scale, our production grade web scrapers can append personality and emotional data to millions of Twitter users. Optimize ad campaigns by targeting highly open and receptive audiences or save on ad spend by excluding negative haters.

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Galen Buckwalter

Dr. Buckwalter has been a research psychologist for over 25 years, starting in academia where he worked primarily on the effects of hormones on cognition during pregnancy and aging at USC. Later, he started a behavioral outcomes research program at Kaiser Permanente and ultimately through a number of serendipitous events, became the creator of the assessment and matching system as the Chief Science Officer for eHarmony. Since then, Galen has worked in both academia and industry, including research at the Institute for Creative Sciences at USC using VR to develop a resilience training program for Marines, and most recently at Payoff, as CSO, a financial services company focused on using psychology to remove debt from their lives. Galen's talent is bringing people together and attracting wild parrots in his yard.

Jinshu Cui

Jinshu Cui works on psychometrics, data mining, and product development at psyML. She obtained her Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology at the University of Southern California, where she used psychometrics, data science, and game theory to study people’s responses following extreme events. Her work has been published in multiple journals, proceedings, and books, including Risk Analysis and Decision Analysis. Jinshu received her M.S. in Economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her talent is picking snacks.

Grace Gee

Grace Gee graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and is a 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellow and 2015 Y Combinator Fellow. She cofounded HoneyInsured a health insurance recommendation engine with Eugene. HoneyInsured's research was cited in Senate and House testimonies. She helped start the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) Collegiate Award. Grace likes escaping rooms and climbing walls.

Ariana Shives

Ariana Shives is psyML's Program Manager, she has a background in psychology and a neuroscience degree from USC. A current student in USC's M.S. Social Entrepreneurship program, Ariana has a passion for making the world a better place. In her spare time, Ariana enjoys competing in triathlons.

Sam Lessing

Sam Lessing designs and analyzes psychometric assessments and creates new mathematical models to streamline the pathway from raw data to readable psychological narratives. In high school Sam completed a mathematics major at Middlebury College, culminating in a thesis on discrete and differential entropy. He then studied at Brown University earning a dual degree in applied math and visual art, winning the Joslin Award for excellence in Art on graduation. Outside of psyML his main interests are sculpture, ceramics, and going to the spa.

Eugene Wang

Eugene Wang graduated Top 24 Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard with an Applied Math degree and is a 2015 Y Combinator Fellow. He led the winning team of the 10th U.S. Federal Reserve Challenge and authored the Harvard-published paper behind HoneyInsured with Grace. Eugene enjoys eating sweets and swimming.

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