Helping people understand themselves & each other at scale.

Led by Dr. Galen Buckwalter, our team of data scientists, psychologists & writers combine psychology & machine learning for good.


Understanding an audience starts here.

Understanding the personality, beliefs, values & emotional states of an audience is the first step to building more meaningful connections between people & digital technologies.

We work with business leaders to understand business goals & create a plan to evaluate the psychological makeup of teams or customers.

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Psychometric assessments & feedback

Assessing, measuring, segmenting & providing immediate feedback to your audience.

Our team of psychologists, data scientists & writers, work to create, validate, & launch explicit assessments that allow business leaders to segment & provide personalized feedback to an audience at scale.

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Deep Learning Models

Monitoring audience psychology & responding in real-time.

We use our internal natural language processing (NLP) & image analysis models to reveal, monitor, and respond to personality, emotions & beliefs from text and images. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Intelligent chatbot backends
  • Language-based psychometric profiling
  • Psychometric-based ad targeting
  • API models for custom integrations

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