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Bring Human Understanding To Your Work

Led by Dr. Galen Buckwalter, psyML delivers deep psychological insight at scale to drive sales and adoption of your products.

Gain Personality Insights and More

Our award-winning APIs offer the best in personality, emotion and sentiment analysis.
  • Personality Perceiver API – Gain personality insight based on any text: Social, marketing copy, user comments, etc.
  • EmoSent API – Take sentiment analysis to the next level by laying in emotional analysis with this unique API no one else offers.
  • HEXACO API – Standard surveys to get accurate personality understanding with a 6, 24, or 60 question test.
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Your Ideal Research Partner

Your bespoke solution begins here. Dr. Buckwalter and our team of scientists have decades of experience in developing psychological assessments and connecting people based on personality insight.

  • psyML builds personality assessments using the academic standard for human understanding, HEXACO. Don’t fall for the pseudoscience of Myers-Briggs, DISC or Enneagram.
  • Our scientists work closely with your team to provide personalized results to tailor and optimize your products and services .

  • Our technologists use natural language understanding (NLU) and image analysis to build intelligent chatbots, psychometric ad targeting, and language-based personality profiles.

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psyML Empowers Successful Businesses

Most psyML projects are a mix of our API and bespoke offerings.
  • Research and study design to ensure the scientific validity of your work.
  • Custom Personality Surveys – Short-form or long-form, depending on the depth of understanding required.
  • Bespoke feedback and content creation guidance optimized for your customers.
  • Psychometric analysis of social speech, blogs, stories, etc. via API.
  • Emotion analysis API for everything from a tweet to long-form articles.
  • Pair analysis tools with sentiment analysis to get to purchase intention and other key sales metrics.
  • Product strategy to support startups and established technology businesses bringing human understanding into their offerings.
  • Learn to leverage Personality Sciences in your workplace with psyML-led webinars.

Talk to our Team

Connect with us for a demo and chat about how we can help ‘cognify’ your products and services.