A data science company for the digital human

psyML is a company born from the growing need to better understand the psychological states people express online, as human interaction becomes increasingly digital.

This philosophy was first actualized at eHarmony, where psyML CEO, Galen Buckwalter, PhD, developed the first large-scale usage of psychometrics, helping match people for personal relationships.

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Our goal is to put humanity back into the system.

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The intersection of human & artificial intelligence

As technologies like Facebook, Google, and thousands of other online consumer services become ubiquitous in our lives, it’s socially important & measurably valuable to include systems that account for the individual human, who is currently lost in the analytical ocean of directed clicks.

At its core, psyML is a team dedicated to the measurement & understanding of psychological & cognitive states within any digital technology. We provide systems that lead to positive change at unprecedented scale.

From consumer behavior to online entertainment to critical services like healthcare, finance & social services, psyML helps foster a transparent, supportive relationship between ourselves & our machines.

Let psyML help bring the potent combination of psychometrics & deep learning to your business goals. 

Our Team

Advocating for humanity at the forefront of artificial intelligence.

Dr. Galen Buckwalter

CEO & Co-founder
Senior Data Scientist

David Loker

Senior Data Scientist

Kai Mildenberger

COO & Co-founder
Chief Product Officer

Eric R. Burgess

Chief Product Officer
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Laura Harrison

Chief Science Officer
Data Scientist

Chris Cassion, MSci

Data Scientist

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We’re a friendly bunch of people who want to make the world a better place.