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The Humanitarian

The Humanitarian

A helper who will do their absolute best to give their assistance to others during times of uncertainty.

About The Humanitarian

motivated to improve conditions for everyone

You approach life from a global perspective & are motivated to improve conditions for everyone rather than just for yourself. You focus on values like justice, fairness & equality.

You don’t see the point in trying to get around the rules and do better just for yourself. Rather you look for deeper meaning & a sense of purpose. 

Naturally straightforward & genuine in the way you approach life & people, you rarely have a hidden agenda in your interactions.

The Humanitarian
The Humanitarian
The Humanitarian

The Humanitarian working remote

In the age of increased uncertainty & isolation, understanding your personality allows you to navigate remote work based on your unique strengths as you face new opportunities and threats. 

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The Humanitarian

Deep Dive

The Humanitarian just wants to be who they are, nothing more, nothing less. Because of this, their lives have a beautiful simplicity to them.

That’s not to say that the Humanitarian doesn’t have to face life’s adversities or complexities along the way. Life keeps being life, but for those who just want to be who they are, in a genuine way, the adversities & complexities of life are simpler, the strategy more straightforward.

The Humanitarian’s daily decisions are grounded in their sense of self, each choice a reflection of who they are on the inside. There’s no posturing or pretending in order to appear a certain way. What you see is what you get. This way of life is quite rewarding for the Humanitarian.

When in a well-functioning group:

The Humanitarian fully enjoys themself. They feel valued for being themselves—not that they would bow to other pressures—& can just relax. And when relaxed, they function at their highest levels, inspiring others to look within for answers to their own questions, to search for what really gives them meaning.

When others really listen to the Humanitarian & try to make use of whatever they offer, they often are able to tap into their own sense of self. As a result, they then become less guarded and/or calculating in their relationships and work. And because human beings are such social creatures, this is invaluable. Individuals often feel pressure to present themselves in a certain way in groups. The Humanitarian makes it easier for everyone to be themselves & find their way honestly.

When out of sync with others:

The Humanitarian may feel taken for granted or excluded because, unlike some, they are not trying to put on airs as a regular part of daily life. They’re not trying to be seen a certain way, to control their image, but since some think that everyone has an angle, they may think the Humanitarian is trying to “get theirs.”

Since the Humanitarian strives to be who they truly are, it can be frustrating to them when they are misunderstood. This can lead to the Humanitarian becoming more passive because they feel unheard. It could also lead to a sense of apathy if they continue to feel undervalued. Not apathy about who they are but about their chances of functioning in a way that reflects their values, especially as loyal & fair-minded individuals.

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