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The Marketer

The Marketer

A determined individual well-prepared for their own safety & willing to help others when it helps seal a deal.

About The Marketer

trusting your own instincts is how you get ahead

You’re happy to assist others but do so with an eye on how helping them can also help you. You’re not against others getting a leg up, but you really like to be at least a little ahead of everyone else. That’s how you set yourself apart.

Being wealthy, respected & having lots of cool adult toys motivate you. Because of this, you have no problem telling others what they want to hear if it helps you get where you want to go. Everyone is trying to get ahead, right?

While trusting your own instincts is very effective for you, even you’d probably admit that there are times when you’d be better off listening to others’ ideas & expertise. Collaboration can also help you get ahead.

The Marketer
The Marketer
The Marketer

The Marketer working remote

In the age of increased uncertainty & isolation, understanding your personality allows you to navigate remote work based on your unique strengths as you face new opportunities and threats. 

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The Marketer Deep Dive

The Marketer loves the game & the chance to make more out of something than it would seem possible.

With a knack for strategy, the Marketer sees the world as having many possibilities, which means they are never limited by their imagination or their daring nature. When combined, their imagination & boldness propel them into new possibilities to build the best life possible.

Marketers aren’t overly worried about how they get where they’re going because they realize that competition is part of life & that everyone is trying to make their best life. They find their sense of self in a life that embraces risk & leverages every opportunity that presents itself. 

When in a well-functioning group:

The Marketer stimulates others to think outside of whatever boxes they may have. Most everyone has routines for their approach to ideas & decisions, and the Marketer pushes them to think more expansively.

A supportive group can, in turn, help the Marketer explore the boundaries without pushing over the edge, which they have a tendency to do occasionally. At the same time, the Marketer’s willingness to challenge group members to reach further and higher helps the group evolve into more than they might otherwise.

The Marketer has a wonderful ability to help the group become its best self because anything less is unacceptable to them. Cooperation isn’t always about being agreeable: it’s about working together so that the combined effort far surpasses what any individual could’ve done on their own.

When out of sync with others:

The Marketer can become so focused on the opportunity at hand that they forget to consider how their decisions truly impact others.

Sure, the Marketer is opportunistic: making something out of nothing brings joy to their lives. But their methods for advancement, when they put others at risk—be it professionally, personally, financially, or in some other way—need to be pointed out to them so that they see how their decisions negatively affect others.

Everyone gets off track from time to time, so cooperation & collaboration are part of creating positive change for all going forward.

It’s easy to get caught up in success, putting it ahead of people, so we all have to help each other if we all want to change the world in our own ways & yet together. That is a truly gutsy approach that bears long-term results.

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