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Give our ML-based tools a test drive and discover personality, sentiment, entity, and emotion analysis.

Analysis Examples

The Science of Personality with psyML


The Science of Personality.

psyML works exclusively with the HEXACO personality model, the academic standard for human understanding. With it, you can gain insight across the six dimensions of personality through a survey or by using our APIs against an individual’s social channel or other content. Don’t fall for the pseudoscience of Myers-Briggs, DISC, or Enneagram.

Projects We Have Built

Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance serves people challenged with financial debt. They wanted to build a program to support their clients with an email-based program that could help address the stress of going through the resolution of financial challenges.

They sought out psyML’s partnership based on CEO and Chief Science Officer Dr. Galen Buckwalter experience in discovering Acute Financial Stress (AFS) and built the Beyond Finance De-Stress Program. Based on the tenets of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), this series of 12 emails to help Beyond Finance clients address the pain of experiencing nagging collector calls while their finances are being resolved.

“Acute Financial Stress creates many of the same negative stressors as PTSD. This is why we teach leveraging mental strength to temper our physical response to chronic stress,” said Dr. Buckwalter. “Have you seen a stack of bills piling up, and no income to stop it? This program helps people to learn to manage that emotional anguish.“**

The series is now used by all of Beyond Finance’s clients to support them while the company helps them resolve their financial challenges. psyML and Beyond Finance are continuing to partner on future projects to empower them to achieve their goal of leaving every one of their clients mentally and emotionally better off than they were before. More details [are here](


NEON ID is building a platform for consent-based advertising that helps people make money for their interactions with companies. Instead of a big tech platform making money by selling their private information, NEON ID orchestrates paying people for their time and attention from a list of companies that are pre-approved by the person themselves.

To empower NEON ID to deliver highly-targeted marketing cohorts that benefit both the company and the consumer, psyML’s team was engaged to build a bespoke HEXACO-based personality survey tied to a simple color palette that could be used to easily identify good matches between people and companies. NEON ID’s vision is to bring this Color Layer to the online experience so everyone can better connect and understand with companies, content, and other people based on ideal candidates. For more details, check out and take their survey to get your Color Fingerprint.