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The Nurturer

The Nurturer

Remaining patient while helping others succeed is this peacemaker’s superpower.

About The Nurturer

Favoring cooperation over competition

Encouraging by nature, you have a heart for forgiveness & feel no need to judge the deeds of others.

Others enjoy being around you because they appreciate having someone who allows them to find their way & doesn’t expect them to fit into a mold.

Your caring approach means that you favor cooperation over competition & compromise over conflict.

The Nurturer
The Nurturer
The Nurturer

The Nurturer working remote

In the age of increased uncertainty & isolation, understanding your personality allows you to navigate remote work based on your unique strengths as you face new opportunities & threats. 

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The Nurturer

Deep Dive

The Nurturer sees the world with compassionate eyes & allows people to be people, with all their beauty & flaws. It’s a kind & generous way of living.

Happy to give what they can in terms of time & support, the Nurturer gives to others without worrying too much about what they’re going to get in return. They’re nurturing by nature & see value in each individual they meet.

Sure, the Nurturer is affected by the hazardous nature of life, but despite this, they do all that they can to emblazon the world with love & hope each day. They help the world keep on rolling.

When in a well-functioning group:

The Nurturer is free to be the caring, generous person they are. And because the group appreciates their care & can receive it, the Nurturer is able to take care of themselves. This allows them to give from a place of abundance instead of from a deficit.

Living out of abundance is essential to being the Nurturer because it makes giving more enjoyable & fruitful (as well as possible) from start to finish.

Cooperation is essential to the health of a group & the Nurturer enables teamwork to flourish through their willingness to encourage others—in a variety of manners—& keep the group’s spirit high.

When out of sync with others:

The Nurturer experiences a bumpier ride. If they overextend themselves, the energy that is so natural to their giving can become strained too.

That’s not to say that the Nurturer doesn’t offer something or have the ability to help others feel better. But giving from a place of strength tends to work better for the giver & the receiver.

A lot of people really need compassion & nurturing in their lives. So the less bumpy this exchange of kindness is, the more reassuring & healing it is…in both directions.

Yes, that’s right, giving helps heal the giver too. The commerce of genuine care is quite powerful.

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