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The Organizer

The Organizer

A careful planner who will remain on task, strategic & focused.

About The Organizer

Desiring precision & excellence

You get things done & take an organized, thoughtful approach to everything you do, applying yourself to the fullest.

You don’t cut corners because you’d rather cover every angle than wonder if you missed something. Others appreciate the level of dedication you bring to all your efforts.

Your desire for precision & excellence shines through in the ways you carry yourself & the life you live.

The Organizer
The Organizer
The Organizer

The Organizer working remote

In the age of increased uncertainty & isolation, understanding your personality allows you to navigate remote work based on your unique strengths as you face new opportunities & threats. 

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The Organizer

Deep Dive

The Organizer is the person who follows through regardless of what’s going on around them. They’re rarely distracted by either the clanging cymbals or the harmonious melodies of life.

When it comes to the symphony of life, somebody has to keep the beat. The Organizer—the person who is reliable, consistent & dedicated—is absolutely essential to the life of a group.

As the group tries to find its rhythm, the Organizer keeps a steady pace, continually moving forward toward their destination. They cannot be deterred & are the engine behind individual & group progress. 

When in a well-functioning group:

The Organizer provides a sense of stability because others know that regardless of what side-roads they travel along the way, the engine will continue to push them forward with a sense of controlled purpose, never wavering along the way.

There is a real comfort in working with the Organizer because in order for the process to be as comprehensive & rewarding as possible for everyone, people need to have the freedom to explore different paths, ideas, & suggestions.

By maintaining the beat, the Organizer keeps the group unified in its larger mission, regardless of whatever melodies & harmonies accompany it along the way.

When out of sync with others:

The Organizer can overwhelm others in the group. This happens when they put too much weight on their agenda or point of view.

In such instances, they think the beat is the only thing that matters and forget that the beat’s primary purpose to help everyone else find their place at any moment. They get focused on making progress for progress’s sake, which means that they lose sight of their fellow musicians, forget that the harmonies & melodies need them to be at their best.

When the Organizer loses sight of their place in the group, they probably need to return to the inner confidence that guides them & remind themselves that leading means having compassion & understanding for all involved. When this they do this, all involved feel like they are contributing to the group as they pursue their goals. And this is wonderful for any team.

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