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Discover what makes you… you!

Unearth your unique strengths, opportunities & threats to increase self-awareness, empathy for others & social resilience in times of uncertainty & isolation.

psyML v. 1.1

6-item Personality assessment

The 6-dimensional HEXACO personality model is scientifically validated & accurate across cultures, ages & genders.

With just a few questions, you can quickly & accurately measure your personality & know your core characteristics; what makes you click, what unique strengths you can use to your advantage in life.

Self-awareness & understanding make the process of growth, living with uncertainty & finding a productive role in society much more feasible & focused. HEXACO profiles give us an objective measure of our personality that we can use to better understand ourselves. 


A new lens to view yourself & others

Get free personalized feedback to become more aware of your unique strengths, opportunities & threats for self-understanding & growth.

12 personality archetypes

You may have seen or taken a personality test in the past where you’ve been grouped into a certain personality type or maybe even shown a Disney Princess based on how you answer certain questions. An individual’s dominant personality trait is determined by whichever trait is the furthest outside of the norm as compared to the rest of the population.


Just because an individual has one (or potentially multiple) dominant personality trait(s), doesn’t mean the other personality traits don’t exist for them. Each individual falls on a sliding scale for all 6 dimensions.

If you feel like there are multiple personalities that explain you, you’re probably right! Use the feedback for your personality & any others that resonate with you to become more aware of your strengths, opportunities & threats for self-awareness & growth.

Learn more about your personality

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Meet the personality archetypes