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Personality & Remote Work During the Uncertainty of covid-19

What does your personality have to do with Coronavirus?

Coronavirus & Personality

The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic & uncertainty is pouring on top of already stressful workloads across the world.

As people shift to working from home for the first time AND begin living with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty in their routine, life & financial future, some will thrive & others will struggle to live within it all.

Personality will impact the way individuals react (or don’t react) in the future days, months & years. Now more than ever, increased self awareness combined with empathy for other individuals’ differences will help us move forward & evolve as a society.

How will you keep yourself, team members & customers engaged, focused & motivated through unprecedented uncertainty & isolation?

Let us first introduce ourselves

The psyML team, led by former eHarmony Chief Science Officer, Dr. Galen Buckwalter, has studied personality & stress collectively for decades.

We’ve been working with FabFitFun, RedBull, Logitech & other organizations to develop personalized feedback for individuals using the HEXACO personality model.

Our feedback helps people better understand themselves, their teams & their customers. We help people work with the strengths of individual personalities while minimizing the negative effects of weaknesses.

And we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to navigating uncertainty, isolation & fear.

We feel it’s our responsibility to share what we’ve learned regarding personality & the impact of stress to help individuals become aware of their personality & getting through the current medical, social, and financial crises spurred by COVID-19.

Coronavirus & Personality

Learn how personality impacts remote work

As the COVID-19 brings uncertainty & isolation, we want to help you, your team & your customers understand how unique personalities can impact all of our paths forward.

Want to develop a customized training session, personality assessment or emotional sentiment tracking solution for your team transitioning to remote work?

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