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Personality & Remote Work During the Uncertainty of COVID-19

The 12 Personalities

Using the 6 dimensions of HEXACO, we can learn about ourselves & our team members to work better together through uncertainty & isolation.

Below is a color coding for the 12 personality types:

Green indicates strengths employers should optimize during remote work.

Yellow indicates opportunities to turn into strengths with appropriate support & training.

Red suggests threats that should be minimized when possible or should be the target for consistent intervention.

The Humanitarian

Sincere, Loyal, Fair-minded

A helper who will do their best to give their assistance to others during times of uncertainty.

The Marketer

Daring, Proud, Opportunistic

A determined person well prepared for their own safety & willing to help others when it helps seal a deal.

The Heartbeat

Sentimental, Emotional, Sensitive

Don’t let the emotions keep you from seeing the complex person underneath.

The Sounding Board

Independent, Fearless, Self-assured

A born mediator who can always be counted on for a reasoned response.

The Spokesperson

Lively, Sociable, Confident

A people person who thrives in the spotlight.

The Observer

Reserved, Quiet, Thoughtful

A quiet exterior with lots of internal activity.

The Nurturer

Patient, Pleasant, Forgiving

Helping others succeed is this nurturer’s superpower.

The Debater

Passionate, Direct, Relentless

A maverick who is contentious at times & always analytical.

The Organizer

Organized, Thorough, Self-disciplined

A careful planner who will remain organized, strategic & focused.

The Dreamer

Relaxed, Spontaneous, Easygoing

Marches to their own drum & occasionally is fine with just listening to the drums.

The Seeker

Innovative, Imaginative, Inquisitive

A wide-eyed innovator in love with their books, ideas & art.

The Preserver

Conventional, Simple, Diehard

A traditionalist finding meaning in conventions & values.

This is our first release of many.

The psyML team is dedicated to releasing additional resources over the upcoming weeks, including an assessment to determine your remote work personality type.

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Use psychology to improve your team's mental health & productivity

Want to develop a customized training session, personality assessment or emotional sentiment tracking solution for your team transitioning to remote work during this uncertain time?

Learn more about how the personality types were developed

  • Using the scientifically validated HEXACO model of personality to identify each person’s most distinguishing personality trait, we provide individualized suggestions for how employers can minimize the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and tap into the strengths of each person. 

    This is a high-level overview of the 12 types along with a coding system for four major issues your employees will face in dealing with COVID-19 & the need to work remotely. The areas rated include:

    • Social distance is the amount of disruption and stress the person will experience by not having the usual social contacts of the physical work environment.
    • High stress provides insight into how the person generally reacts to ongoing stress.
    • Self-motivation indicates the degree to which the person will thrive in a situation where they will not have hands-on supervision.
    • Teamwork indicates how comfortable the person will be in joining and supporting the new teams that will be needed for successful remote work.