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The Preserver

The Preserver

A traditionalist finding meaning in conventions & values.

About The Preserver

Living by the tried & true

Your greatest source of strength is looking to what is familiar, tested & factual, believing that consistency provides security & helps build a good life.

If ideas, beliefs, or practices have worked for others for a long time, you find comfort in that & look to extend that sense of safety to others.

Since you recognize that life is as hard as it is, you tend to avoid the unconventional, not interested in fads or trends. The tried & true is called that for a reason, and you live by it.

The Preserver
The Preserver
The Preserver

The Preserver working remote

In the age of increased uncertainty & isolation, understanding your personality allows you to navigate remote work based on your unique strengths as you face new opportunities & threats. 

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The Preserver

Deep Dive

When it comes to the Preserver, they find the highest value in what has been passed on to them because it’s been tried, tested & shown to be true.

Rather than wasting time & energy on that which is new & therefore unknown, the Preserver values tradition & looks to the familiar for a sense of order & purpose.

When in a well-functioning group:

The Preserver contributes by reminding others that generations of experience & learning are a precious resource to be valued & relied upon, even amidst innovation & change.

They champion remembering where we’ve come from to make sure that we continue to build on what is good & works for us as people. With this, they can accommodate & even promote change without sacrificing the wisdom & traditions passed down through generations. This fortifies new innovations with stability & age-old grounding.

When out of sync with others:

The Preserver becomes inflexible to change & struggles to integrate new ways of seeing & understanding into their worldview. When this happens, everything becomes difficult for them because change is also a constant in the world around them.

At times they may feel attacked &, consequently, dig in even deeper to defend themselves. And that which becomes inflexible, at some point, is going to break rather than bend. This doesn’t just hurt them but those with whom they are in relationship. That’s the nature of us being social creatures.

Luckily, this can change whenever the Preserver wants it to, whenever they choose to acknowledge that even change has remnants—oftentimes, big remnants—of what has been. History builds on that which came before it & carries this inheritance with it. Nothing is really entirely new: everything finds life from that which precedes it.

When seen in this light, the Preserver can celebrate change because they realize that new life always has familiar roots & heritage. Without either of these, it would not be able to live & thrive for ages to come.

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