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Improve your team’s remote work experience

Combining neuropsychology & Machine Learning, psyML helps companies understand & engage their teams & users as individuals to help build social resilience.

A note from our scientists

In a globalized economy, remote work offers a unique opportunity to bring together offices & teams across sites spanning the globe. Eliminating commutes, reducing the need for office space & promoting flexible work schedules is helpful for the environment, cutting office operation costs & attracting employees seeking work-life balance.

In tandem with these advantages & opportunities come unique challenges, many of them personal in nature. These are especially exacerbated in conditions of rapid & imposed implementation, as are currently occurring, in contrast to mixed, gradual adoption & opt-in schemes.

Many people genuinely prefer to work in an office environment & many remote workers still seek out social environments from which to work. Others will find the lack of interruptions when working remotely valuable while some may find the lack of immediate supervision difficult.

Personal challenges can have profound mental health impacts on individuals, which will exacerbate baseline impacts to business productivity, including strained communication between team members, infrastructure demands & direct impacts on production.

psyML offers companies the possibility of being proactive in addressing the personal impact of these rapid changes.

Independent of the current COVID-19 crisis, the world is changing. Remote work is part of the future & is becoming a reality of the present. This presents unique challenges & opportunities. Our team of data scientists, psychologists & writers offer specific services to help digital productivity & team management platforms improve remote work, both for individuals & for teams.

-Dr. Laura Harrison & Dr. Galen Buckwalter


How we can help

Team Workshops

Build team empathy & social resilience with a 2-part virtual real-time workshop backed by validated scientific principles.

Psychometrics & Feedback

Improve team collaboration by assessing personality, emotional intelligence & social communication style.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Screen for mental health & productivity changes by tracking use patterns changes within your product.

EmoSent API

Improve tone in interpersonal communication, which often suffers virtually, by screening text for emotional sentiment.


Improve tone & type of interpersonal communication by determining HEXACO personality from existing text.

Your outsourced science team combining psychology, neuroscience & machine learning research.

Get in contact to come up with a personalized solution that’s right for your team and/or product.