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The Spokesperson

The Spokesperson

A people person who’s full of energy & thrives in the spotlight.

About The Spokesperson

Excelling in social situations

You like people & being around people. In fact, that’s when you’re at your best & most comfortable. You find groups of people to be life & energy-giving.

You excel in social situations because you feel good about yourself when you engage with others. You even feel at ease, or perhaps excited, when addressing a group of people, large or small.

The Spokesperson
The Spokesperson
The Spokesperson

The Spokesperson working remote

In the age of increased uncertainty & isolation, understanding your personality allows you to navigate remote work based on your unique strengths as you face new opportunities and threats. 

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The Spokesperson

Deep Dive

The Spokesperson lights up when people are nearby. Because they get such energy from people, they cannot wait to share their bright energy & sunlight with everyone they encounter. And it’s hard to grow anything without sunlight!

These extraverts are confident about themselves as they engage & relate with small & large groups of people & shine when surrounded by their fellow human beings.

The Spokesperson’s energy grows exponentially when they are with others, and, as a result, their boundless joy is contagious and lifts up others.

When in a well-functioning group:

The enthusiasm of the Spokesperson is welcomed with open arms. They carry the group forward with their liveliness & confidence, and their social nature encourages others.

The Spokesperson is good at including people in whatever is going on & is collaborative when at their best. Because they are confident, the Spokesperson can also help draw the best out of others.

As lovers of people, they likely innately understand what makes people tick & have a keen ability to strike the right chords with different types of people. This makes the larger experience of the group and each individual more fulfilling & satisfying.

When they are out of sync with others:

The Spokesperson can burn a little too bright & when this happens, people wince & squint because they are overwhelmed by the presence of too much light.

This can easily happen if the Spokesperson gets excited & comes in too hot, meaning their liveliness gets perceived as or becomes arrogant. Because the Spokesperson is confident, this can happen, though it’s an easy adjustment too.

The Spokesperson who empowers others to be better is the right kind of light. When others shrink in their presence, those who are naturally outgoing probably need to consider how much light that particular group needs and recalibrate.

Being the Spokesperson means having a natural warmth, a charisma that helps bring others together. That’s where they are at their best for all involved.

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