The Team

J. Galen Buckwalter, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Buckwalter has been a research psychologist for over 25 years, starting in academia where he worked primarily on the effects of hormones on cognition during pregnancy and aging at USC. Later, he started a behavioral outcomes research program at Kaiser Permanente and ultimately through a number of serendipitous events, became the creator of the assessment and matching system as the Chief Science Officer for eHarmony. Since then, Galen has worked in both academia and industry, including research at the Institute for Creative Sciences at USC using VR to develop a resilience training program for Marines, and most recently with Dave at Payoff, as CSO, a financial services company focussed on using psychology to remove debt from their lives.
Galen lives at the cutting edge of applied psychological research in both academia and start-up industry and is the CSO of psyML, where he is leading a new initiative to put humanity back into the machine. With his leadership, psyML aims to create psychological understanding at a global scale to help drive positive-change at the individual level.

Dave Herman, PhD


Dave is a passionate advocate for the application of science and has been developing quantitative understanding of brain processes for 15 years while promoting the education of neuroscience and data science to the world. Starting at UCLA  with a degree in neuroscience, he focused on MRI technologies and continuing on to NIMH as a fellow. There, Dave developed spatial-temporal models of MRI-based brain development in children with mental illness. Next, he received his masters degree from Baylor University for work on a dynamic model of the neuronal signaling behind fear representation in the amygdala. Dave earned a PhD from USC where he developed machine learning systems for understanding adaptive behavior between animals, humans and robotics. Dave collaborated with Galen to develop models of psychology and cognition for technological start-up companies including Payoff, where he was VP of Data Science.

As the CEO of psyML, Dave believes that large scale application of trustable-machines is the only way forward for the world to effectively accept and embrace the value of AI. Working with his partners at psyML, Dave plans for a future where algorithms and technology companies are built for transparent, shared-understanding and real human value that creates positive-change for everyone.

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