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psyML Workshops

Use the power of the latest personality research to empower your employees.

After numerous requests, psyML is offering a limited-time opportunity for companies to take advantage of personality-focused workshops. Our experts, including eHarmony’s founding Chief Science Officer, Dr. Galen Buckwalter, have decades of study and experience using personality online and want to take your team to the next level.


Want your team to reach its fullest potential?

Our in-depth workshops help individuals on your team better understand themselves, their performance in groups, and your customers.

How It Works

Our experts will join your team for a half-day workshop to explore all of your team members’ personalities and the unique contributions each individual brings to the group using the HEXACO model.

It is our belief that there are no “bad” personalities per se. Rather, all personality traits have evolved for specific purposes and it is largely up to groups to understand the function each trait offers to the group.

This approach to personality not only supports each individual’s uniqueness it also is living proof of the value that diversity brings to every group.

Why schedule a team workshop?

Improve Communication & Productivity

Our personalities have a lot to do with our communication preferences. After this workshop your team will walk away with increased self-awareness and know how to effectively communicate with other personality types.

Increase Team & Customer Empathy

When we broaden our awareness of different personality types, we strengthen our ability to understand others. Leave this workshop with a clear framework for understanding customers and others on your team.

Welcome Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity is proven to deliver better business results. Our workshop’s approach to personality not only supports each individual’s uniqueness, it also is living proof of the value that diversity brings to every group.



While numerous companies and HR departments offer personality workshops, they often utilize a hodgepodge of assessments and theoretical models.

psyML relies solely on the HEXACO model of personality. This model is unequivocally accepted among academic researchers and provides individuals an unparalleled means of self-understanding. Our workshop offers an in-depth understanding of personality and the reasons for HEXACO’s superiority.

Interested in scheduling a workshop?

For information on how your company, team or group can benefit from a psyML workshop, contact Dani at